Centre for Reproductive Health

Welcome to the Centre for Reproductive Health

Foreword from the Director of the Centre for Reproductive Health, Professors Andrew Horne

Portrait of Professor Andrew Horne, CRH Director
Professor Andrew Horne, CRH Director

Professor Andrew Horne assumed his role as CRH Director in February 2024, and is guiding CRH to adopt a fresh challenge-centric strategy for research. 

"I am thrilled to lead the CRH during this pivotal phase of its growth, especially within the IRR, a brand new, state-of-the-art research facility. I am excited about working with and leading the talented CRH investigators and staff to facilitate transdisciplinary team science, fostering collaborative ties within the University of Edinburgh and the broader international research landscape. Our approach will be innovative and centred on addressing significant questions related to reproductive health and disease – stay tuned!"  

The CRH is an interdisciplinary research and teaching hub, bringing together internationally renowned scientists and clinicians to push the boundaries of knowledge in reproductive biology and its practical applications in medicine.