MRC Centre for Reproductive Health
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Welcome to the Centre for Reproductive Health

Foreword by Professor Jeffrey William Pollard, Director.

Medical Research Council Centre for Reproductive Health vision:

Professor Jeffrey Pollard Director CRH

"Our aim is to carry out world-class research and develop therapeutic and preventative strategies to improve health and reproductive outcomes. We also hope to train and nurture the next generation of exceptional scientists. The close proximity of our laboratories to the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh is pivotal to our research agenda and we are constantly using our unique positioning, outstanding scientific expertise, and state-of-the-art technology to increase our knowledge and understanding of human reproductive health.

We are the only MRC funded research Centre in the UK that focuses exclusively on reproduction, placing us in a unique position. We aspire to forge fresh paths and be world-leading across our four research themes and hope to contribute significantly to unearthing new treatments that will offer long term impact across the globe."

The Centre for Reproductive Health philosophy

Reproduction is a fundamental feature of all life, essential for the continuation of our species. Reproductive success – the birth of a baby that will enjoy a long, healthy life – is a complex multistep process requiring production of sufficient numbers of viable gametes, fertilisation, implantation in a ‘receptive’ uterus, formation of a placenta that can sustain and nurture the baby and delivery at full term. Pregnancy complications can have profound life-long impacts on individuals. Furthermore, tissues within the reproductive systems of both men and women are prone to development of disorders that have a huge impact on individuals and their families, and impose large costs on health care systems.

Health disorders being investigated in the Centre for Reproductive Health include infertility, fetal growth restriction, preterm birth, stillbirth, polycystic ovarian syndrome, heavy periods, endometriosis, fibroids, cancers of the reproductive system, and aberrations in brain development.

The Centre carries out pioneering research into fertility preservation and aims to optimise lifelong health through pregnancy and perinatal interventions.

Core to the philosophy of the Centre is a strong integration between basic and clinical studies underpinned by joint grants and co-supervision of trainees. This ensures we maintain a robust research framework within which mechanistic insights into normal and abnormal tissue function can be translated for patient benefit.

The Centre is based within the Queen's Medical Research Institute located on the Edinburgh BioQuarter Campus in Edinburgh – this environment provides an unrivalled opportunity for training, effective outreach, and knowledge exchange. Researchers within the Centre benefit from access to state-of-the art core facilities.