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Recently awarded grants to the Centre for Reproductive Health.

Veronica Miron has been awarded a 3 year PhD studentship to study microglia-derived factors that enhance repair of white matter in the brain, from the MS Society.

The overall objective of this 3 year grant/ PhD studentship is to identify new therapeutic targets to encourage repair in the central nervous system in neurological disorders of white matter such as MS and cerebral palsy. This builds on our previous work showing that immune cells in the brain, termed microglia, could be activated in such a way that they release factors that encourage this repair.

This grant will allow us to screen factors we have identified to be released from microglia to determine which can encourage white matter repair, and uncover the cellular and molecular mechanisms underpinning this repair. We strongly beleive that this project is critical to identify novel factors that encourage white matter repair, which can be further developed into much needed drugs to encourage brain repair in people affected by MS or cerebral palsy.

We hope that this would contribute to the health of nerve fibres, reduce disability, and improve the quality of life in affected individuals.

Dr Veronique Miron, Lecturer and Principal Investigator profile