Centre for Neuroregeneration

UK Zebrafish Screening Facility

Automated chemical and genetic in vivo screening of zebrafish at the UK Zebrafish Screening Facility.


Automated chemical and genetic in vivo screening of zebrafish

The Centre for Neuroregeneration at the University of Edinburgh hosts the UK Zebrafish Screening Facility. At the centre of the facility is an automated zebrafish embryo handling system (VAST, Union Biometrica), which combined with a high speed spinning disk confocal microscope (Zeiss/Yokogawa) allows for rapid zebrafish screening. The facility also benefits from a Zeiss LSM880 microscope with Airyscan, allowing for super resolution imaging in vivo. Together these two microscopes allow for rapid in vivo chemical screening, with follow up at the sub-cellular level. To further increase the throughput and robustness of our screening assays, we have fully automated image processing and analysis for several of our assays, with more to come.

The UK Zebrafish Screening Facility is open to academic or industry collaborators from the UK and internationally.


More details coming soon.


Dr Jason Early 

UK Screening facility manager

Centre for Neuroregeneration

University of Edinburgh

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Biogen Inc.

Edinburgh University

The RS Macdonald Charitable Trust




VAST BioImager, Union Biometrica