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Tissue Repair PhD Programme

Details of the Tissue Repair PhD Programme

University of Edinburgh/Wellcome Trust Tissue Repair Four Year PhD Programme

The Centre of Neuroregeneration is one of five key research centres involved in an innovative and exciting new four-year multi-disciplinary PhD programme in Tissue Repair within the Edinburgh Medical School, based at the University’s Little France campus.  The programme, run by the University of Edinburgh and funded by the Wellcome Trust, is currently inviting applications to join this exciting area of research.  Successful candidates will investigate the basic mechanisms of tissue repair, with the aim of finding novel cell- and/or drug-based therapies to repair tissues damaged by disease, trauma or congenital conditions.

Edinburgh Medical School

Wellcome Trust

The PhD programme takes advantage of Edinburgh Medical School’s unique combination of strengths in different disciplines, including stem cells and regenerative medicine, inflammation and fibrosis biology, together with a wide range of clearly defined tissue and animal model systems.  There are currently over 30 principal investigators based in the five key research centres, which are involved in this unique cross-discipline programme that spans basic to translational research.  All the Centres involved in this programme are housed in custom-build high quality research facilities including:

  • state of the art cell culture;
  • flow cytometry;
  • imaging (including confocal, spinning disk, multi-photon microscopes)
  • pathogen-free animal and transgenic facilities (including rodents and zebrafish);
  • histology;
  • automated in situ hybridization;
  • genomics facilities; and
  • bioinformatics.

For more information, please see the programme's website.

 Tissue Repair programme website