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Jack Satsangi Research Group (Affiliate)

Genetics of Inflammatory bowel disease

Professor Jack Satsangi
Professor Jack Satsangi - Chair of Gastroenterology

Research in a Nutshell

The Satsangi group has a strong portfolio of basic science and translational research projects investigating the pathogenesis, epidemiology and management of the chronic inflammatory bowel diseases, Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. In studies of pathogenesis, the focus has moved in recent years from gene discovery to understanding gene/protein function and interactions; the investigation of epigenetic alterations; and the application of emerging technologies to define the proteome, microbiome, and activomics associated with disease. Epidemiological studies assess disease incidence, prevalence, natural history, and mortality; and an initiative to define the exposome is in later stages of development.

The assessment of novel therapies is a key focus of the group’s clinical research, with studies of new biological agents, assessment of efficacy of available immuno-modulators, and early studies of stem cell technology in Crohn’s disease on-going in Edinburgh.

A series of nation-wide and international studies have been co-ordinated from our Unit, notably the multi-centre TOPPIC study of post-operative prevention in Crohn's disease, the IBD-BIOM and IBD-CHARACTER studies, and genetic, pharmacogenetic, and epigenetic discovery studies across Scotland.

New clinical studies of stem cell therapy in Crohn’s disease ASTIC-LITE and of the withdrawal of immune-suppression SPARE/BIOCYCLE and of biomarker discovery are scheduled in 2016/7; with analyses of the emergent data from the BIOM/CHARACTER studies to be presented in international meetings.


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Professor Jack Satsangi Group Head
Colette McColl PA
Kate O’Leary Research technician
Alex Adams Post-doctoral Scientist




  • Prof David Wilson, University of Edinburgh
  • Dr Ian Arnott, NHS Lothian
  • Dr Gwo-tzer Ho (affiliate)
  • Dr Charlie Lees, NHS Lothian and University of Edinburgh
  • Professor Edouard Louis (University of Liege)
  • Dr James Lindsay (Royal London Hospital)
  • Dr Miles Parkes (University of Cambridge)
  • Professor Ivo Gut ( Barcelona)
  • Professor Jonas Halfvarsson (0rebro)
  • Dr Amy Buck (Edinburgh)
  • Dr Craig Stevens ( Edinburgh)
  • Dr Craig Mowat (Dundee)
  • Dr Tariq Ahmad (Exeter)

Partners and Funders

  • CSO
  • MRC
  • EC FP7/H2O2O
  • CCUK
  • CORE

Scientific Themes

Genetics, epigenetics, chronic inflammatory bowel diseases, biologics, stem cell therapy, prognostic modelling, personalised medicine.

Technology Expertise

PCR, Western blotting, bisulphite sequencing, miRNA analyses, clinical trials.