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News 2022

An archive of Centre news from 2022

CGEM welcomes new PhD students

6 new PhD students began their studies with supervisors from CGEM

Dr Alexander Laird begins MRC CARP award to study kidney cancer

Dr Alex Laird
Dr Laird will carry out a 3 year research project in collaboration with CGEM and IGC’s Professor Tim Aitman, investigating the use of cell free DNA to monitor kidney cancer

Awards for team behind study using Cell-free DNA to monitor Head and Neck Cancer

Dr Robert Wescott presenting at the British Association of Head and Neck Oncologists
Poster and presentation awards to team behind a recent study highlighting the use of digital droplet PCR to monitor HPV in cell-free DNA from patients with head and neck cancer, led by Professor Tim Aitman and Mr Iain Nixon

Insights into the genetics of human height

Generation Scotland and VIKING genes data used to help identify genetic variants associated with height

Professor Caroline Hayward named in "Best Female Scientist 2022" list

Professor Hayward was highly-ranked in Research.com's "Best Female Scientist 2022" list, which ranks the top female scientists in the world

XDF Programme Annual Symposium 2022

Nine of the XDF Programme Fellows accompanied by the Programme Lead and the Scientific Administrator
Our Institute’s Cross-Disciplinary Fellowship (XDF) Programme Annual Symposium took place on the 5th of October delivering a feast of cross-disciplinary science

Dr Pete Bankhead wins RMS Award

CGEM’s Dr Pete Bankhead is joint winner of Royal Microscopical Society Award for Data Analysis in Imaging

Dr Robert Hillary awarded British Heart Foundation Fellowship

BHF Fellowship awarded to Dr Hillary to explore new biomarkers for cardiovascular disease in Generation Scotland

Promotions at CGEM: Professor Riccardo Marioni

St Leonard's Land on Holyrood Road houses the Institute for Sport, Physical Education and Health Sciences
Congratulations to Professor Riccardo Marioni on being promoted to Personal Chair of Molecular Epidemiology of Ageing

Promotions at CGEM: Dr Pete Bankhead

The University of Edinburgh logo
Congratulations to Dr Pete Bankhead on being promoted to Reader

CSO award to Dr Kathy Evans to study Alzheimer’s disease

Dr Kathy Evans
A recent award from the Chief Scientist Office to Dr Kathy Evans will seek to understand the link between the gene SORT1 and Alzheimer’s disease

Biochemical Society Studentship supports summer research project with Professor Cathy Abbott

Elena presenting results from a Western blot of a Blue Native gel
Elena Hein, a second year student at the UoE was awarded a Biochemical Society summer studentship to carry out a research project in Cathy Abbott’s lab for 6 weeks in July and August 2022.

Professor Sara Brown performs in her first Edinburgh Fringe Show to a full house

Photo of Sara Brown's Fringe VIP badge
Dermatology Professor Sara Brown took part in an Edinburgh Fringe show as part of the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas

New publication: Uncovering molecular signatures of brain health

Image of a brain
Researchers from the Institute of Genetics and Cancer map relationships between epigenetics, protein biology and brain health.

Increased incidence of Type 1 diabetes during the COVID-19 pandemic is not a direct effect of recent COVID-19 infection

Figure 3 shows relation of type 1 diabetes incidence in Scotland to A) seasonality and B) calendar time from '15-20
​​​​​​​A recent publication in the journal Diabetes Care from Professor Helen Colhoun and Professor Paul McKeigue's groups, reports that although the incidence of type 1 diabetes rose sharply among young persons during the early part of the COVID-19 pandemic that this was not a direct effect of COVID-19 infection itself.

Professor Cathy Abbott elected as BNA Trustee of Research Policy

Professor Cathy Abbott has been elected as Trustee of Research Policy on the British Neuroscience Association (BNA) Council

Gout app helps patients reduce effects of disorder

Patients across Edinburgh with gout have successfully controlled their condition thanks to a novel self-management approach.

Professor David Porteous retires

University of Edinburgh colleagues wish Professor David Porteous well for his retirement after four decades of research: April 2022

Philanthropic funding for research to develop new eczema treatments

Photo of lab work
Professor Sara Brown has been awarded philanthropic funding by the Charles Wolfson Charitable Trust to test new drug treatments for eczema and related skin conditions.

Prof Ralston awarded funding for pioneering osteoporosis research

Stuart Ralston's team
The Royal Osteoporosis Society (ROS) announced Professor Stuart Ralston as one of the successful applicants of its largest ever research grants round, after reviewing a record number of applications.

New scoring system could pave the way to predicting future health outcomes

By analysing the blood of over 9000 of our volunteers, researchers may have found a new way to predict when some health conditions might develop.

Medical Research Scotland studentship award to Cathy Abbott and Neil Carragher

Studentship award to Cathy Abbott and Neil Carragher to develop a treatment for children with a genetic form of early onset epilepsy

Viking Genes data helps rewrite the history of prehistoric Orkney with ancient DNA

Research, including ORCADES and Viking Health Study - Shetland data, has used ancient DNA to rewrite the history of the Orkney Islands: February 2022

Dr Robert Hillary awarded best thesis in population genetics by Genetics Society

Dr Robert Hillary from the Marioni Group won the Sir Kenneth Mather Memorial Prize for his PhD thesis developed at CGEM. The prize is awarded annually by the Genetics Society and the University of Birmingham to a student in a UK institution who has shown outstanding performance in quantitative or population genetics: January 2022

TestEd team awarded Principal’s Medal at winter graduation ceremony

TestEd Logo
Professor Tim Aitman received the medal on behalf of the team for significant achievements in pioneering a way to mass population testing in an epidemic: December 2021

Loss of SORCS2 is Associated with Neuronal DNA Double-Strand Breaks

Microscopy images
A recent publication from Dr Kathy Evans’ research group in the journal Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology finds an association between the protein SORCS2 and double-strand breaks in neuronal DNA.

Prof Tim Aitman appointed as the Academy of Medical Sciences regional champion for Scotland

IGMM News 2014 - Tim Aitman
Professor Tim Aitman has been appointed the Academy of Medical Sciences regional champion for Scotland