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News 2017

An archive of Centre news from 2017

Personality trait shares genetic link with depression

complex traits, statistical genetics, prediction
December 2017: People affected by depression may have genes associated with anxiety, worry and low mood.

NIMR Mental Health Research Framework published

NIMR Mental Health Research Framework news 2017
December 2017: Professor David Porteous talks about the newly published NIMR Mental Health Research Framework and what it means for research and public health.

Debate - Genome Screening: A Pandora’s Box

The flyer advertising the genome debate
November 2017: Professor Tim Aitman, CGEM Director, and others, debated the motion that the UK should have whole genome sequencing.

The genetic basis of human lifespan identified

October 2017: Using data from 25 different studies, University of Edinburgh researchers have identified new genetic variants that influence lifespan.

Significant research grant awarded for Type 1 diabetes research

Apple, sugar cubes and syringe with insulin
October 2017: Professors Helen Colhoun and Paul McKeigue receive award from Diabetes UK for Type 1 diabetes research.

Genetics study shows how cells adapt to help repair nerve damage

Pins and needles are one sign of peripheral neuropathy
September 2017: Research uncovering the genetic mechanisms behind nerve damage and repair has been highlighted in the journal ‘Cell reports’.

Over 200 visitors at the IGMM Open Day

IGMM doors open 2017
September 2017: The MRC Institute of Genetics & Molecular Medicine opened its doors to the public for the second time, welcoming 232 visitors

Grant funding awarded for ‘omics prediction of Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer news 9.2017
September 2017: Alzheimer’s Research UK announce further funding for dementia research.

Academic promotions at the IGMM

Prof Hayward, Dr Myant and Dr Kudla
August 2017: Three IGMM researchers have received promotions from the University in recognition of their work.

Sarcoma UK award leads to breakthrough

Donald Salter news 2017
August 2017: A small research grant has enabled big advances in the treatment of rare bone tumours.

What lies in the hearts of mice?

Sarah Hutton, an S5 pupil from Gracemount High School, to undertake a four-week Nuffield Research Placement
July 2017: Funding from the Nuffield Foundation inspires S5 pupil to undertake a four-week research placement.

Honorary doctorate for Denis Rutovitz

Denis Rutovitz  and Cathy Abbott
July 2017: Honorary doctoral degree awarded to former IGMM staff member, charity founder and aid worker.

Science Insights

Science Insights
July 2017: IGMM welcomes local high-school students for the Science Insights work experience programme.

SGP launch Health Economics analysis

Aberdeen-based team members developing the  SGP Health Economics project
July 2017: Health Economics analysis gets underway to evaluate Whole Genome Sequencing for diagnostics in NHS Scotland.

Uncovering the genetic link between intellect and risk of schizophrenia

Silhouette of head made up of networks
June 2017: A significant breakthrough in understanding schizophrenia confirms a suspected link with genes that affect intellectual ability.

Citizen's Jury debate use of newborn blood spots for research

Citizen's jury debate newborn blood spots
June 2017: A Citizens Jury debated the question 'Is research access to the Guthrie Card new born blood spots in the public interest?'

Award received to develop personalised medicine approach for IBD

Scotland at forefront of genetic medicine revolution
June 2017: Dr Elaine Nimmo, CGEM, is awarded c£75K from Crohn’s and Colitis UK for innovative Inflammatory Bowel Disease research.

How much of intelligence and personality is inherited?

How much of intelligence and personality is inherited news 6.2017
June 2017: Research undertaken using Generation Scotland Biobank data was featured in the online Daily News article from the New Scientist.

People-powered DNA research

MRC Festival of Research News 2017
June 2017: As part of the MRC Festival of Medical Research, the MRC IGMM teamed up with Leith Labs to organise a day of hands-on activities.

Scotland at forefront of genetic medicine revolution

Scotland at forefront news 7.2017
May 2017: The NHS and University collaborative research initiative, the Scottish Genomes partnership, featured in the Sunday Herald news.

International Molecular Pathology Symposium (IMPS 2017)

May 2017: Delegates enjoyed a series of excellent talks and networking opportunities from across the Molecular Pathology community.

CGEM scientists identify key gene in bowel disease

Crohn’s and Colitis UK Awards 2016
April 2017: A key gene that helps explain an underlying cause of incurable bowel disorders has been identified by scientists.

Symposium: From Food to Babies: What CRISPR Can Do for You

CRISPR Symposium speaker presentation
April 2017: Experts in CRISPR technology met in Edinburgh to discuss how gene editing can change our future.

CGEM staff celebrate the Centre's 21st Birthday

Birthday cake for CGEM's 21st birthday
March 2017: CGEM staff celebrated the centre’s 21st Birthday, and unveiled the new Centre logo, on Wednesday 15th March.

Rare diseases study in Scotland signs up first recruits

Scottish Genomes Partnerships
March 2017: People in Scotland with rare genetic diseases will benefit from a DNA study that seeks to improve their diagnoses and treatments.

Rare Disease Day at Scottish Parliament

Rare Disease - Parliament March 2017
March 2017: Professor Tim Aitman and colleagues from the Scottish Genomes Partnership attend the Disease Day Reception at the Scottish Parliament.

Prof Tim Aitman confirmed as RSE Fellow

February 2017: The Royal Society of Edinburgh welcomes CGEM director, Professor Tim Aitman, as a Fellow of Scotland’s National Academy.

Uncovering the genetics of male pattern baldness

February 2017: Study of 52,000 men leads researchers to identify genetic markers that help predict the odds of men losing their hair.

£1.3m diabetes data study to spot signs of linked health problems

H.Colhoun AXA Chair
February 2017: This major research initiative will use cutting edge data analysis techniques to better understand the health complications that are experienced by people with diabetes.

CGEM scientific away day

poster session
January 2017: The CGEM all-staff away day consisted of a series of exceptional talks and a closely fought student poster competition.

Different genes affect severity or risk of Crohn's

Genetic code
January 2017: Researchers identify genetic variants that affect the severity of Crohn's disease - but none indicate level of risk of developing the condition.

Improved labelling for stem cell-based therapy

stem cell therapy
January 2017: Study identifies new approach to magnetising cells which may lead to improved stem-cell based therapeutics.

£1.5m trial for brittle bone therapy

fractured bone
January 2017: A clinical trial led by CGEM researchers investigates potential treatments for a rare bone condition, Osteogenesis Imperfecta.

Crohn’s and colitis study probes relapse triggers

Crohn’s and colitis study probes relapse triggers
January 2017: This large-scale study, led by CGEM researchers, aims to understand the triggers for flare-ups in sufferers of inflammatory bowel disease.