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News 2016

An archive of Centre news from 2016

Improving diagnosis and treatment for bowel disease patients

Blood samples
November 2016: DNA changes detected in blood samples could lead to the development of a simple diagnostic test for patients suffering from inflammatory bowel diseases.

CGEM researchers find genetic link between education and longevity

education longevity
November 2016: Research, led from CGEM, has shown that variations in genes which are linked to educational success are also linked to longevity.

Clinical Genomics - Collaborative workshop with Karolinska Institute

clinical genomics workshop
November 2016: A highly successful and productive workshop was hosted by CGEM, focussing on research, bioinformatics and translational activities in clinical genomics.

Would you have your genome sequenced? - Science Saturday with the National Museum of Scotland

October 2016: “Science Saturday” event at the National Museums of Scotland showcases gene science and the impact and relevance of our research to human health and society

Cannabis excess linked to bone thinning

Drug does little to ease bone cancer pain
October 2016: Researchers have found that people who regularly smoke large amounts of cannabis have reduced bone density and are more prone to fractures.

Insights into genetics of high blood pressure

New insights into the genetics of high blood pressure
September 2016: Understanding the impact of rare genetic variants on the causes of high blood pressure in the general population may lead to development of 'precision medicine'.

Big ideas day - Genome testing: a choice?

September 2016: This workshop for 15-16 year olds, in conjunction with National Museums of Scotland, posed the tricky question ‘Should we sequence everyone’s genome at birth’?

Scottish Genomes Partnership Workshop

Edinburgh and Glasgow University crests
August 2016: The Scottish Genomes Partnership brought together key people to focus on Genomic Medicine collaborations across the UK including GeL and NHS Clinical Genetics laboratories.

Lancet Publication suggests link between smoking and relapses in Crohn’s disease

Crohn's news 2016
August 2016: A UK wide trial, led from CGEM, confirms a strong link between smoking and recurrence of a serious inflammatory bowel condition following surgery.

Link to chronic pain in partners of people with depression

identified significant overlaps between the risk factors for chronic pain and depression
August 2016: The study identified significant overlaps between the risk factors for chronic pain and depression.

Keynote Speaker at European Working Group

EWG Zaragoza 2016
July 2016: CGEM Rheumatology and Bone Disease scientist joined international experts as a Keynote speaker to share advances in management and treatment of Gaucher Disease.

International Molecular Pathology Symposium

Molecular Pathology Symposium
June 2016: A capacity audience enjoyed outstanding talks from a range of local, national, and international speakers, focusing on academic, clinical and industrial interactions in Molecular Pathology.

Athena SWAN Inspiring Women 2 - Inspiring Everyone

IGMM equality and diversity
The packed meeting lived up to its name, and was genuinely inspiring, as well as being a fitting way to celebrate the university’s Silver Athena SWAN award: June 2016

Crohn’s and Colitis UK Awards: Double Success for CGEM Investigators

Crohn’s and Colitis UK Awards 2016
Crohn’s and Colitis UK, has granted just under half a million pounds for their Research Awards, 2016: May 2016

Athena SWAN Silver Awards for Edinburgh Clinical Medical School and Dick Vet

Athena Swan silver award
We are delighted to report that the Athena SWAN Silver Award application led by CGEM’s Professor Cathy Abbott and Professor Karen Chapman for the Edinburgh Clinical Medical School has been successful: May 2016

Dr Chris Boyd Promoted to Reader

C.Boyd news 2016
We are pleased to congratulate Dr Chris Boyd (CGEM Medical Genetics) on his promotion to Reader: April 2016

Edinburgh Paget’s Association Centre of Excellence award ceremony

The Edinburgh Paget’s Association Centre of Excellence Award
The Edinburgh Paget’s Association Centre of Excellence Award: March 2016

Scottish Genomes Partnership launched at parliamentary Rare Disease Day

The Scottish Genomes Partnership 2016
The Scottish Genomes Partnership, led by Professors Tim Aitman (University of Edinburgh) and Andrew Biankin (University of Glasgow) was officially launched on 1st March at a reception hosted by Malcolm Chisholm MSP: March 2016

£6m investment in genomic medicine

People in Scotland with cancer and genetic diseases are to have their DNA mapped to better understand, diagnose and treat their conditions: March 2016

Edinburgh Neuroscience Public Christmas Lecture 2015

Edinburgh Neuroscience Christmas Lecture 2015
The 2015 Edinburgh Neuroscience public lecture was given by Professor David Porteous under the title ‘Rethinking mental illness: broken genes that break conventions.’: January 2016