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Philanthropic funding for research to develop new eczema treatments

Professor Sara Brown has been awarded philanthropic funding by the Charles Wolfson Charitable Trust to test new drug treatments for eczema and related skin conditions.

Photo of lab work

The research builds on more than 5 years’ work from the Brown Lab; the team have identified a genetic change in skin cells that can protect against eczema. An initial screen of currently known drugs suggests some may mimic this genetic effect. These drugs could therefore be ‘repurposed’ from their current use in other medical conditions to treat the dry, itchy skin condition atopic eczema. The new treatments will be tested in the laboratory on skin cells and artificial skin before they can be used in any future clinical trials.


 I am very grateful for the funding provided by the Charles Wolfson Charitable Trust to support my research. The recognition of atopic eczema as an area of importance for therapy development is a real encouragement. The funding will allow us to make substantial progress in the screening of promising new therapies.

Professor Sara Brown

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