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Medical Research Scotland studentship award to Cathy Abbott and Neil Carragher

Studentship award to Cathy Abbott and Neil Carragher to develop a treatment for children with a genetic form of early onset epilepsy

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Medical Research Scotland have awarded a grant to fund a PhD student in the labs of  Prof Cathy Abbott (CGEM) and Prof Neil Carragher (ECRC) in collaboration with the company Healx that uses artificial intelligence to identify repurposed drugs for treating rare disease. The project, entitled “Drug repurposing for a rare genetic neurodevelopmental disorder” will use novel drug screens to look for treatments for children with mutations in a gene called EEF1A2.  

We are now looking for a suitable student to undertake the PhD project which is scheduled to start in September 2022. 


Apply for this PhD (external website)


We are delighted to have been awarded this funding and are very much looking forward to starting work on the project in collaboration with Healx. We are very grateful to both them and to Medical Research Scotland for their support.