Centre for Genomic & Experimental Medicine
Centre for Genomic & Experimental Medicine

Institute of Genetics and Cancer seminar series

The Institute of Genetics and Cancer Seminar Series attracts distinguished scientists from around the world working in the fields of genetics, molecular medicine and cancer research, and whose research complements that being done at Institute of Genetics and Cancer.

Sessions are open to all within CMVM, University of Edinburgh - Please contact seminars@igc.ed.ac.uk for more information.

Unless stated, seminars take place on Thursdays at 1pm in the IGC Lecture Theatre


The impact of DNA damage on protein-DNA interactions

Thursday 2nd February

Dr Ariel Afek

Weizmann Institute, Rehovot

Host: Martin Taylor

Identification of novel gene-function interactions in neurocristopathies

Thursday 9th February​​​​​

Professor Karen Liu

King’s College London

Proteins that interpret genomic signals to stabilise cell identity

Thursday 23rd February

Adrian Bird

Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology, University of Edinburgh

Title - TBC

Thursday 2nd March

Ewan Birney

EBI, Cambridge

Title - TBC

Thursday 9th March

Professor Floris Foijer

ERIBA, University Medical Centre, Groningen

Host: Martin Reijns

Title - TBC

Thursday 16th March

Donal O’Carrol

Centre for Regenerative Medicine and Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology, UoE

Deciphering the epigenetic mechanisms of the non-canonical SMC protein SMCHD1

Tuesday 21st March 1pm  (PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A Tuesday)

Marnie Blewitt

The Walter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Melbourne

Title - TBC

Thursday 20th April

Professor Anne Schaefer

Max Planck Institute for Biology and Ageing, Cologne

Title - TBC

Thursday 27th April

Professor Andrew Beggs

University of Birmingham

Host: Prof Val Brunton

Title - TBC

Thursday 23rd March

Professor Crispin Miller

CRUK Beatson Institute, Glasgow

Title - TBC

Thursday 4th May

Professor Melissa Little

Center for Stem Cell Medicine, reNEW, Copenhagen and Murdoch Children's Research Institute, Melbourne

Title - TBC

Thursday 11th May

Dr Jamie Hackett

EMBL, Rome

Host: Olga Stepanova

Title - TBC

Thursday 18th May

Gabriel Balmus 

UK Dementia, Cambridge

Title - TBC

Thursday 25th May

Dr Ge Guo

Living Systems Institute, University of Exeter

Title - TBC

Thursday 1st June

Professor Deborah BOURC'HIS

Institut Curie

Host: Duncan Sproul

Title - TBC

Thursday 8th June

Mariya Moosajee


Title - TBC

Thursday 15th June

Christine Klein

Lubeck, Germany            

Title - TBC

Thursday 22nd June

Nathalie Spassky


Title - TBC

Thursday 29th June

Kim Jenson

University of Copenhagen

Host: Kevin Myant