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Centre for Genomic & Experimental Medicine

Scottish Genomes Partnership

The Scottish Genomes Partnership will map the entire genetic make-up of more than 3,000 people in Scotland.

Edinburgh and Glasgow University crests

The Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow are leading the Scottish Genomes Partnership (SGP) in collaboration with the NHS and Genomics England. The principal investigators on this nationwide project are Professor Tim Aitman (CGEM, University of Edinburgh) and Professor Andrew Biankin (University of Glasgow). The SGP was founded by the Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow following a £15m investment in 10 state-of-the-art HiSeq X genome sequencing instruments divided between the sequencing hubs within the two Universities. A further £6m investment jointly awarded by Scotland’s Chief Scientist Office (£4m) and the UK’s Medical Research Council (£2m) in February 2016 has boosted the project enabling sequencing of the genomes of over 3,000 people in Scotland.

Linking genetic data from sequenced genomes with clinical information will enable precise, molecular diagnoses for patients, leading to personalised treatment and safer selection of drug therapies. It will also bring new understanding of the causes of both rare and common diseases, opening the door to the development of new treatments.

For further information please visit the Scottish Genomes Partnership.