Centre for Genomic & Experimental Medicine
Centre for Genomic & Experimental Medicine

Innovation & Impact

Promoting a culture of knowledge and skill sharing and translating our findings to the clinic.

CGEM partners with multiple organisations to support our translational research. These close collaborations can lead to cutting-edge research being and actively implemented in a clinical setting more rapidly. We maintain a symbiotic relationship by the sharing of expertise and innovative research findings to ensure these organisations, and CGEM, remain at the forefront of technological and scientific excellence.


Our mission is to identify molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying normal human development and disease, including cancer, and translate these findings for clinical benefit.


In order to maximise the impact of our work on human health we aim, where appropriate, to:

  • Widely disseminate scientific discoveries through open access publishing and data sharing
  • Promote a culture of translation at the Institute of Genetics and Cancer supported by appropriate events and training
  • Collaborate with industrial and NHS partners
  • Identify, develop and, where appropriate, partner scientific discovery with potential for translation
  • Licence our intellectual property in an exclusive or non-exclusive manner
  • Form spin out companies


Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility

Wellcome Trust
The Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility provides dedicated facilities and specialist nursing support for a wide range of clinical studies.

Edinburgh Clinical Trials Unit

Edinburgh Clinical Trials Unit ECTU
The Edinburgh Clinical Trials Unit is an academic clinical trials unit supporting The University of Edinburgh and NHS Lothian.

South East Scotland NHS Clinical and Molecular Genetics Service

NHS Lothian
The South East Scotland Genetic Service provides a wide range of genetic services across a variety of genetic disorders.

Edinburgh Genomics

Edinburgh Genomics
Edinburgh Genomics is a world leading genomics and bioinformatics facility delivering high volume data and cutting-edge analyses.

Scottish Genomes Partnership

Edinburgh and Glasgow University crests
The Scottish Genomes Partnership will map the entire genetic make-up of more than 3,000 people in Scotland.