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Scientific Technical Support

To be a physiological scientist you’ll need an accredited degree in clinical physiology, but people may be recruited by the NHS with either science highers/A-levels or a related degree, and can then study for their clinical physiology degree while working.

A degree isn’t essential for the other roles in this sector but can be helpful, especially for laboratory technician jobs in research establishments and higher education.


Follow the links below for profiles of common occupations in this sector:

Animal technologist

Institute of Animal Technology - professional organisation, with a concise careers section. Download its careers booklet.

Laboratory technician

The Association for Science Education - professional body for those involved in science education from school age to higher education. Provides career information for those wanting to become science technicians in schools and colleges.

The Association for Science Education

The Institute of Science & Technology - has information on technician career paths and provide for professional registration.

The Institute of Science & Technology

Laboratory News - provides news on the science sector and hosts the UK's largest independent laboratory suppliers directory, which could be used as a source of potential employers.

Laboratory News