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Information, research and culture

This broad sector covers a diverse breadth of careers including libraries and archives, cultural management, archaeology, research and statistical services and translation and interpretation.

An important theme in this sector is working with information, be it books, artefacts, raw data or foreign languages, and using specialist skills to make it available to wide audiences.

For certain areas, such a librarianship, archives and cultural management, postgraduate qualifications are often required and the relevant professional bodies’ websites should be researched to ensure any courses any appropriately accredited.

For other occupations, such as archaeology, translation and research, it may be more important to gain relevant experience through volunteering, internships and involvement in societies.

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Useful resources

The Centre for Research Collections (CRC) at the University of Edinburgh regularly has interns and volunteers working in areas including archives, conservation, library services, exhibitions and museums. Roles and placements become available on a regular basis. Information about the CRC and volunteering can be found on their website.