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Accountancy and finance

Most areas of finance are open to graduates of any degree but require that you demonstrate strong academic performance.

Graduate schemes and training contracts are a common method of entry. Internships are also widely offered and if successful can mean direct entry onto the company’s graduate scheme.

Some jobs within the sector are very well rewarded financially but you are expected to work long hours and demonstrate flexibility.

Insurance is essential to every industry and as such is a career area that offers great diversity. It is possible to specialise in areas such as art or bloodstock insurance or even football and Formula One. There are also opportunities to work in HR, business development, IT and marketing, as well as customer-facing roles.

Most of the jobs are in the private sector, but there are also roles within the public sector and, as this is a global industry, there are many opportunities to pursue international careers.

A degree in mathematics or other numerate subjects will open a lot of doors, particularly for actuarial work, but most careers are open to graduates of any disciplines. Many companies offer graduate management programmes.

Reference books and journals

We stock a number of reference books and journals in our information centres. For details of our books on accountancy and financial management see LibraryThing.

Takeaway literature

The following resources are available free from our information centres whilst stocks last:

  • Inside Careers: Banking & Investments
  • Inside Careers: Chartered Accountancy
  • Targetjobs: City & Finance
  • Inside Careers: Actuaries

Useful online resources

Target Jobs: find employer information, advice, placements and graduate jobs in these sectors:

General finance resources

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eFinancial Careers - is an extremely useful site which covers various areas of the financial sector, explains the differences between them and offers valuable careers advice. Its guide to Careers in Financial Markets is collection of articles and a great starting point.

eFinancial Careers

Careers in Financial Markets

Re:think - a website about working in financial services in Scotland. Includes detailed case studies of people working in Scotland. There is also information about large employers in Scotland’s financial services, including their graduate programmes.


Scottish Financial Enterprise - provides information on the financial services industry in Scotland and has a useful directory of companies.

Scottish Financial Enterprise

Talent Scotland - this website is for people who want to work in Scotland and this section of the site covers the financial services sector. The site also advertises vacancies.

Talent Scotland

Accountancy specialisms

Insolvency Practitioners Association - this section of the site enables you to find out how you become an insolvency practitioner.

Insolvency Practitioners Association

PrimeGlobal - an association of independent accounting firms, which represents firms in the UK and across the globe. Members are typically regional, full service public accounting and management consulting firms. The site includes an online directory of members.


R3 - provides information on working in insolvency and advertises vacancies.


Islamic finance

Institute of Islamic Banking and Insurance - provides information on the Islamic banking sector and also advertises jobs.

Institute of Islamic Banking and Insurance - has a wealth of information on Islamic finance and also advertises vacancies.


The Economist - a weekly newspaper/magazine part-owned by FT. The online edition offers insight and opinion on business and finance as well as international news, politics, science and technology.

The Economist

Financial Times - one of the world’s leading business information brands with a website full of finance and news information.

Financial Times

The Gateway - online version of the business and careers newspaper which acts as a more accessible alternative to publications like the FT and the Economist. The newspaper is distributed around campus for students keen to boost their commercial awareness.

The Gateway

Reuters - provides business and financial news.


Wall Street Journal - the US equivalent to the FT and also highly respected, you can read all about business and markets in the States and indeed, worldwide.

Wall Street Journal