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Future planning

Planning for success - it starts with you! Stop and take stock. Your next steps planning is about understanding yourself, exploring opportunities, then assessing your options, making decisions, setting goals and taking action. Here are some suggested resources and tools to help you

Career Ed

Try Career Ed - a resource designed to help you take ownership for, and plan your future

Career Planner

Career planner is an online tool which helps you understand and identify your skills, motivators and interests and to explore relevant options to you. Find out more and access career planner here

Career Assessments

What motivates you? What skills do you have to offer? What do you enjoy doing? Here you will find assessment exercises for you to complete (Via MyCareerHub) to help you reflect on, understand and know yourself

Leaving University early

Sometimes things don’t go to plan and you find yourself thinking of leaving university or the decision has been made for you. Here you'll find advice on things to think about, what to do next and how to get more help if you need it

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