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Career planning

Career planning is all about knowing yourself, knowing what's out there, making decisions and then implementing them. The first steps can be the hardest so here are some suggested resources and tools to help you.

Career Ed

Try our career planning resource, CareerEd, designed to help you figure out and plan your own career path.

Career Planner

Career Planner is an online job exploration tool which aims to help you identify your skills, motivations and interests and then to explore relevant job types.

Career Assessments

Assessment exercises around motivations, preferences and values in career planning for you to complete (via MyCareerHub)

Leaving University early

Sometimes things don’t go to plan and you find yourself in a situation where you are thinking of leaving university or the decision has been made for you.

Our resources


Make a start by watching our film (below) which introduces our resources and will help you make the most of them.