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Your future

Your future starts here! Reflect on and assess your strengths and future needs, then find out about opportunities and consider your options. Get started with your future planning, plus use our year by year guide to help you stay focused and on track

Don't know what you want to do?

Watch our quick guide to starting to think about your future and how we can help

What are your options?

A member of Careers Service staff standing at a computer with a student showing them information on the computer in the Careers
Information and advice to help you explore your options including options with your degree, occupational information, information on further study, volunteering, self employment and taking time out

Future planning

Two members of Careers Service staff talking to a female student at an information stand at a careers fair
Planning for success - it starts with you! Stop and take stock. Your next steps planning is about understanding yourself, exploring opportunities, then assessing your options, making decisions, setting goals and taking action. Here are some suggested resources and tools to help you

Year by year guide

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Our guide to helping you make the most of your time at Edinburgh year by year