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How you can help

Key messages to share at each stage of your student’s degree

As Personal Tutor you are a key influencer in your students’ time here. Here is some advice for you to guide them.

Student advice at key points

Encourage your students to engage with their personal and career development from day one. Leaving it until year 4 or 5 is too late. Good habits early on will help them fulfil their potential.

How you can help

Early years

  • Highlight the benefits of extra-curricular or co-curricular activity, part-time or summer work.
  • Echo our message that early career exploration is a good investment, even if they are unsure of direction.
  • Prompt them to take action – this will avoid panic and overload in later years.
  • Encourage them to be ‘career curious– now is the time to be inspired!

Penultimate years

  • Remind them to make use of us – we can help them find internships, refine their options and build their networks.
  • Stress the value of making informed decisions – going to alumni events, employer sessions and careers fairs will all help.

Final years

  • Check how their plans are developing – closing dates for graduate schemes can be very early in semester 1.
  • Make sure they’re aware of the process and timescales for postgraduate study.
  • Suggest a 1:1 consultation if they are confused, stuck, or trying to weigh up their options.
  • Reassure them we can offer continued support beyond graduation.

More information

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