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Frequently asked questions and answers

Common queries and how to handle them - including advice on options, taking time out, work experience, supporting taught postgraduate and international students

Common queries

Some common careers queries and how to handle them

As a Personal Tutor, there are often common themes or questions that can crop up in your student meetings. The Careers Service can help you address these with your student. We want to help you signpost your students quickly and effectively to the right sources of advice and information. In this section we have addressed the most common themes and queries.

How do I find work experience, internships or a part-time job?

Careers Service looking for work webpages

Unsure about options?

Careers Service advice on options

Thinking about changing or leaving my course

It is common for a few students each year to have second thoughts.  They can book to see any of us to discuss this further.

Careers Service appointments

You can also contact the link careers consultant for your School where there is an urgent need. Your Student Support Team can do this too.

Link careers consultants

How can I get support with applications, CVs and interviews?

CVs, applications and interviews advice

Time out on placement, abroad, on exchange

We can support students at a distance, whether they are on exchange or spending time out on placement. Students can book appointments by Skype too

Careers Service advice for students on exchange

Do you have specific advice for postgraduate students?

Information for postgraduate students

Do you have specific advice for international students?

Information for international students

Supporting your students' personal development

We encourage students to be proactive and take advantage of the many co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities here.

We have developed the Edinburgh Award for students to get recognition for these activities. The Award also helps them enhance their experience and articulate the skills they have developed. This link highlights all the University Edinburgh Award activities.

The Edinburgh Award