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Guide for Recruiting Students

A guide for University staff on recruiting students including links to HR resources and details of University internship schemes

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Recruiting students on-campus

Below you will find information and guidance on how to recruit University of Edinburgh students, on either a part-time or full-time capacity throughout the academic year.

Why recruit our students?

Employing students is mutually beneficial for the University. Staff benefit from an enthusiastic and flexible workforce, with different skills and perspective at an affordable cost. Students benefit from valuable and paid work experience that fits around their studies, develops their employability and can strengthen their affinity with the University.

Recruiting students allows for flexibility; they can cover short-term or ad-hoc work requirements, provide extra resource during busy times of the academic year, as well as provide extra assistance on certain projects.

Having an intern join our team for the summer has brought many positives. Personally, it has helped me develop line manager skills, with guidance from Careers Service which I have been able to put into practice in. As a team and as a department, we've benefited from the sheer volume of work that is possible with an extra pair of hands, as well as the change of dynamic which has been really enjoyable.

Lorna BruceCommunications Officer, International Office (now Edinburgh Global)

What can students do?

Students are highly capable and there are a wealth of projects and tasks they can support, for example;

  • Research projects
  • Marketing & communications
  • Website design
  • Event management
  • Tutoring and demonstrating

How to recruit students

Step 1 – Identify your requirements:

We are happy to provide recommendations on the most suitable recruitment option for your work requirements. Consider the nature and extent of the work, as well as budget.

Step 2 – Select your hiring option:

There are a number of options available to you depending on your requirements. Use the 'Guide for Employing Students' to investigate what is the best option for you.

If you decide to recruit a student on a more structured internship (either on a part-time basis for PhD students, or a full-time basis during the summer vacation period for undergraduates) the Internships and Work Experience Team at the Careers Service will provide guidance and support throughout all aspect of the recruitment process.

Step 3 – How to recruit:

If you wish to recruit on a part-time or full-time basis you may require to go through the post grading process and be required to complete a post-approval form (for posts longer than 6 months) and should complete the recruitment process via eRecruitment. For ad-hoc or casual work you will be required to complete an approval form 100.

For information on post-approval forms and using eRecruitment please visit the University’s HR website.

Recruiters guide

Other youth employment initiatives available

We recommend that all student vacancies are advertised through MyCareerHub. To advertise your vacancy on this platform, please contact the Employer Team at the Careers Service.


Frequently asked questions

Question Answer
How many hours are students able to work? We recommend undergraduate students work no more than 15 hours per week, and PhDs can work no more than 9 hours per week to balance working with their studies. Undergraduate students are also available full-time during summer, Christmas and Easter vacations.
How much should I pay a student? The rate of pay should be determined by the skills required for the role and the experience a student brings, upwards of the Living Wage. The Careers Service can provide information on rates offered for similar posts. Employ.ed on Campus interns receive £9.33 and Employ.ed for PhDs £12.17 per hour (based on 17/18 figures). Human Resources can also advise you on setting a suitable pay rate.
Do the Careers Service keep students’ CVs on file? We are an advertising service rather than a recruitment agency, so currently we do not keep students’ CVs on file.
Can I employ an international student? The majority of international students are permitted to work during their studies, on their student visa. Although they can work for up to 20 hours per week during term time, we recommend no more than 15 hours. They may also work full-time when their course officially breaks for vacation or finishes.
What added support does the Careers Service provide? In addition to the recruitment support we provide for staff participating in our internship programmes, the Careers Service will also provide students with support and guidance with their CV, applications and mock interview prep. We offer Edinburgh Award’s for work experience, which gives students recognition for their involvement and helps them get the most from their work experience.

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