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Selection tests

Aptitude tests, or psychometric tests, are commonly used in recruitment - try some yourself.

Employers use selection tests to assess your reasoning skills in relation to others, and your ability to cope with tasks involved in the job you are applying for. You’ll see them referred to in a variety of ways, including aptitude tests, psychometric tests, and reasoning tests – these are all different terms for the same sort of thing. 

The most common tests, verbal reasoning and numerical reasoning, assess your logical reasoning (not your general knowledge).  Situational judgement tests are used to get an idea of how you would react in work-based situations.  Abstract or diagrammatic reasoning tests assess your logic and visual thinking skills, particularly for technical roles.  

Practise tests here (University of Edinburgh login)

How to succeed 

  • Practise!  Familiarity with different sorts of questions will improve your speed and accuracy.  

  • You’ll need to concentrate, so do the tests somewhere you won’t be disturbed. 

  • If possible, work out how much time you’ll have for each question, and keep track of your timing as you work through the questions. Work as quickly and as accurately as you can.  Many tests are designed to put you under pressure. If you are struggling to answer a question, move on to the next one. 


Many other sites include free practice tests (they also invite you to pay to access more) and these free tests are well worth a look. For example, Assessment Day's practice tests and advice on how to approach them include verbal and numerical reasoning, situational judgement, critical thinking and many more.

Assessment Day 



If you need to know your typing speed, try the free test supplied by typing speed and accuracy test


Gamification : some employers use gaming as part of their selection process. 

Only a game? Gamification in recruitment   


Personality tests : answer these questions as honestly as you can, as your ‘workplace’ self. Don’t try to guess what answer the recruiters want.  

Psychometric tests (Prospects)