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Sector information

Find out about the many different sectors and jobs you might work in.

A sector is a broad grouping of industries and organisations in a similar type of work. Some jobs, or roles, are specific to a particular sector but many roles exist across most sectors. For example, you could be an accountant working in life sciences - or in publishing. Knowing about your sector as well as your role is key to career success.

Education, Health care and Social care

Includes teaching, sport, medicine as 2nd degree, global and public health, psychology, and social work.

Charities and International Development

Includes working in charities and the third sector, and international development

Government, Social Research and Public Protection

Includes policy work, central and local government, Civil Service, intelligence services, police and more.

Finance, Management and Legal Services

This broad group includes law, finance, consultancy, translation, HR, retail and logistics.

Life Sciences, Pharma and Chemistry

Includes roles in the thriving pharmaceuticals sector, and science communication.

Tech, Data, Engineering and Physical Sciences

Includes data, engineering, renewables, food and drink and roles in the space sector.

Sustainability & the environment

Support sustainability and protect the environment. Includes climate action, environmental consultancy, ecology, veterinary and agriculture.

Creative, Culture and Media

Includes publishing, journalism, museums and libraries, advertising, marketing and public relations (PR), fashion and the creative arts.