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What is it?

Students as Change Agents brings together students from different disciplines to tackle real-world problems with a wider social, environmental, or economic impact. It is open to students from all subjects, at all degree levels.

Students as Change Agents is an exciting challenge programme that brings students from different disciplines together to change society by tackling real-world problems, with a social, environmental, or economic impact.


The complex challenges are posed by organisations from the non-profit, public, and private sectors. You will work in small groups with students from other subjects to apply your university learning, skills, and passion to tackle these challenges, using data supplied by the challenge hosts.

You will get bespoke training and support to develop your confidence and skills in design thinking, using data to solve problems and working in diverse teams. Each group will have a coach to help you work effectively together to tackle your challenge. You can get recognition for participating, either via a SLICC (Student-Led, Individually Created Course) or an Edinburgh Award. Students who sign up for the SLICC route will be assigned an individual tutor to help them through the process.


Some of the challenge topics which have been tackled already include:

  • Ending violence against children
  • Designing out waste in the construction industry
  • Healthy ageing in communities
  • Reducing youth homelessness in Scotland
  • Environmentally sustainable revival of the Scottish tourism industry post-Covid

You do not need any prior knowledge to sign up to the challenges – just an inquisitive mind and a desire to a make real change in society. We will aim to match students with the challenge they are most interested in, where possible. New challenges will be introduced for each programme as we involve larger number of organisations who are keen to work with students and be exposed to your fresh thinking.

You can take part in this challenge programme at different points throughout the year. We’re designing programmes of various lengths to ensure as many students as possible will be able to benefit from this amazing opportunity.

If you have any questions, please contact the Students as Change Agents team (