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How to sign up for the programme and other change agent activities

The Change Agents programme is run at various points throughout the year and is open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students at the University of Edinburgh, regardless of year of study, experience or degree.

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We have our next Students as Change Agents programme running throughout June.

Complete an application to get a place on the programme. Linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the current Covid-19 pandemic, the SACHA ‘22 challenges are listed below. Let us know in your application, which one you are most interested in.


Question 1: How can post-16 education in Scotland be the most equitable in the world? 

sparqs (student partnerships in quality Scotland) is an agency supporting students to shape the nature of their learning and contribute to the overall success of learning provision, regardless of wherever and however they learn. 


Question 2: How can Changeworks help people digitally to use their heating control and reduce their energy demand? 

Changeworks are Scotland’s leading environmental charity delivering high impact solutions to make low carbon life a positive reality for everyone. 


Question 3: How can Edinburgh inspire successful businesses to become driven by social purpose and not just profit? 

Everyone’s Edinburgh is part of a growing international cities network promoting wider individual and organisation engagement to impact global change at a city level 


Question 4: How can Scotland save vacant buildings to save the planet? 

Grand Bequest is a property technology company using data analytics, conservation, and sustainability to promote the global redevelopment of vacant buildings 


Find out more and apply through MyCareerHub 



The deadline for applications is Thursday 26 May 2021 at 23:59 BST (UTC/GMT +1) 



You may also be interested in similar programmes which involve tackling challenges with others:

  • Our Health – community-university research programme which involves students working in interdisciplinary groups to tackle real-world research questions around health and well-being, posed by local communities. Open to undergraduates and postgraduates from all Schools.    

  • Make Your Mark – 48 hour challenge for students to create a business that has a positive social impact by tackling inequality. Hosted by the Business School each February. Open to all undergraduates. 

  • Freshsight – student-led consultancy which aims to create positive social impact by providing socially conscious organisations with practical, sustainable and innovative business solutions    

  • Organising for Social Change - Elective course at the Business School, to help develop your knowledge and understanding of the strategic and governance challenges faced by 3rd sector organisations engaged in the work of social innovation and gain practical experience working on a practical project with a 3rd sector host.

  • Enterprise Services - If you are interested in developing your skills and knowledge of how you can make a difference through social enterprise, you can get help from the University’s Enterprise Services, part of Edinburgh Innovations. They offer an online toolkit as well as the opportunity to meet face-to-face with an adviser and take part in activities such as 3 Day Start-Up:     

  • Edinburgh Innovations' Enterprise Toolkit - resources and advice:          

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