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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to many of the frequently asked questions about Students as Change Agents.


How can I contact the Students as Change Agents team?

We’re happy to take any questions and will get back to you as soon as we can. Email


What do I need in order to take part?

This programme takes place online, so as well as an open mind and an eagerness to contribute to social change, you will need access to the internet and Microsoft Teams (which is available to all University of Edinburgh Students).


Do I have to attend every session across the programme?

No but to be ably to fully contribute and benefit, we encourage you to attend the majority of sessions or watch the recordings, where available. We understand that participants are likely to have existing commitments such as paid work, volunteering hours or caring responsibilities and we have designed the programme to be as flexible as possible to help most students get involved. If you are at all concerned with how much you can attend across the programme, please contact the Students as Change Agents team before you sign up.


What time will I be expected to join in?

We aim to group participants into teams according to a time most suitable to them, in order to ease the feasibility of online group work and collaboration.


Although I am in a particular time zone, I have a job that prevents me from doing 10am - 5pm local time, can I join a group in a different time zone?

Yes, just let us know by email after you have completed your application form


Will I receive confirmation of my registration and further instructions?

Yes, once the application deadline has passed, you will receive an email confirming whether you have a place. If successful, you’ll get further information by email prior to the programme starting, including some preparatory work.


How many students are on each team?

Each team will be made up of 5-8 students from different subjects and at least one host organisation. Group coaches will be available throughout the entire process to answer questions and help keep you and your team on track.


Do I have to show my video screen?

It is encouraged that if you are able to, that you share your video as this can help build relationships and increase productivity. However, it is appreciated that not all students will want to share or indeed, have the internet bandwidth in order to do so.


Will we be able to get in touch with the organisations during the challenge?

A representative from each host organisation will be available to answer questions and provide guidance throughout the programme.


How is the training session structured?

Content is either delivered live with a facilitator or by use of recorded video or watched live by a group.


Is there a dress code for the programme?

Casual dress is fine during the training session. It’s advisable to dress more formally for the end presentations.


How will the final reports and presentations be structured?

You will receive a guide on how to compile your findings and structure the presentation during the training sessions. You will also get help with presentation skills and group coaches will be available throughout the entire process if you have any questions about the presentations.


Do I need previous experience in public speaking or expertise in the relevant subject areas to participate in the Students as Change Agents programme?

No, you do not need any prior knowledge or expertise to participate in any of the challenges – just an inquisitive mind and a desire to make a real change in society. You can decide within your team who will present at the final event and you will all be able to benefit from presentation skills training.


Do I need to speak to my personal tutor before I apply?

No, you do not have to speak with your Personal Tutor before you apply but it is advisable to let them know that you are taking part in the programme and share with them what you get out of it.


We are looking forward to meeting you and hope you have a fantastic experience during the programme!