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PhD Horizons: Career Insights for PhD Students

PhD Horizons provides career insight and inspiration through sharing personal stories of PhD graduates.


What is PhD Horizons?

PhD Horizons is our annual focus on career insights  for PhD students to help you explore different career options. All students are welcome to get involved but what is covered will mostly be of interested to current PhD students or those considering a PhD. 

We’ll be focussing on PhD Horizons throughout June 2022 and you will be able to: 


Why should I engage with PhD Horizons? 
  • PhD Horizons provides insight and inspiration through personal stories.  This gives you a chance to reflect; hearing the stories of how other PhD graduates made career decisions can help you to Understand Yourself  

  • PhD Horizons provides exposure to different career options and aims to demonstrate that PhD graduates can have challenging and satisfying careers inside, alongside or outwith academia  - helping you to Discover What’s Out There 

  • We really hope you find it helpful!