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Information and advice on your options including academic careers, research beyond academia and other career options, plus PhD graduate profiles.

The big decision for many PhD students is whether to pursue a career in academia or to look beyond those boundaries - and, in that case, whether to focus on opportunities to use your research skills or to bring your other skills and strengths into play. This section will help you to explore broad career options. 

Generating career ideas

Follow these suggestions to prompt ideas about your career and use these resources to find out more.

An academic career

Find out how to assess your interest in different academic roles, and how to develop the experience you need

Research outside higher education

Information and advice on pursuing a career in research outside academia, in public sector, third sector, or industry.

PhD Horizons: Career Insights for PhD Students

PhD Horizons provides career insight and inspiration through sharing personal stories of PhD graduates.

New directions

Many inviting and rewarding careers options don’t involve research. Here are some possibilities to consider.