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Making the most of your Masters

Plan ahead to make the most of your Masters. Find out about our Masters Careers programme to help you realise your ambitions

We recognise that, as a Masters student, your experience and career aspirations might be different from that of our undergraduate students and we tailor our support accordingly. Whether you’re moving into further study straight from your first degree, returning to study or looking to progress in your current role, we have the resources, people and support to help you manage and develop your career.     

Masters Careers programme 

Our Masters Careers 2022-23 programme covers all the career essentials, including making effective use of the Careers Service and employability support, marketing your postgraduate qualification, career planning & decision making, networking and building your professional profile, and understanding and navigating the job market.   

All sessions are online, on Teams and take place from 1730-1830. See the details of the sessions, and make your booking, here on MyCareerHub: 

MyCareerHub: Masters Careers 2022-33

Sessions include:

  • Masters Careers 2022-23: Maximising your Masters. This session will help you reflect on your Masters experience so far, discover what’s out there and understand how to use Careers Service support to realise your career ambitions.
  • Masters Careers 2022-23: Career planning for career changers. This session is for students who have worked for several years prior to returning to University and who hope to use their Masters to help them change career direction.
  • Masters Careers 2022-23: Understanding inclusive recruitment in the UK job market. This session will help Masters students understand how to research inclusive employers, discover appropriate opportunities and access tailored support. 
  • Masters Careers 2022-23: Presenting yourself for graduate roles. This session will help you to effectively present your Masters experience in CVs and applications and networking and interview scenarios in the UK graduate market.
  • Masters Careers 2022-23: Applying for senior positions. This session is aimed at mid career professionals who are using their Masters study to help progress their careers to seek career development within their wider professional areas.
  • Masters Careers 2022-23: ​How to navigate the UK graduate job market as a Masters student.​

These sessions will not be recorded; instead each live session is supported by a short on-demand online video summarizing the action points and the information, key resources, events, activity and support available. Look out for these appearing in our Masters Careers 2022-23 video playlist.   

Masters Careers Video Playlist 2022-23


The playlist includes summaries of last semester's sessions too - details of these are given below.

  • Masters Careers 2022-23: Planning your Masters year. Understand how to use the Careers Service and Masters Careers support to realise your career ambitions. We will outline the key events in the Careers calendar, the resources and services available and actions to take for your Masters year.
  • Masters Careers 2022-23: Understanding UK graduate training schemes. This session is for Masters students interested in finding out about UK graduate schemes and how they differ from other graduate jobs, the employers that run graduate schemes and where to find out more about employer programmes.
  • Masters Careers 2022-23: UK graduate training scheme selection processes. Masters students may be interested in training schemes delivered across different sectors by leading UK employers. This session will help you understand and navigate selection processes to increase your chances of success in securing a place on a programme.
  • Masters Careers 2022-23: Getting started with LinkedIn. This session is aimed at Masters students who are just beginning to use LinkedIn. We will focus on the value of using the platform while you are a student and how you can effectively use LinkedIn to progress your career thinking and ensure you have a positive online presence.
  • Masters Careers 2022-23: Moving on to a PhD (CAHSS and CSE/CMVM). This session is for CAHSS or CSE/CMVM* Masters students who are thinking about moving on to a PhD. We will cover: key considerations when thinking about a PhD; the process of finding a PhD; managing the application process and working out your timeline for action. *Choose the session where your Masters programme is housed: College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (CAHSS) or College of Science and Engineering (CSE)/ College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine (CMVM)
  • Masters Careers 2022-23: UK visa options for international students. This session, led by a member of staff from the Student Immigration Service, will cover the key visa options for international Masters students who want to work in the UK. There will also be time to ask questions



Planning your Masters year

You’re likely to have a busy timetable during your Master’s course and the time will pass very quickly, particularly if you are a full-time student.  If you are a part-time student, adjust this time scale accordingly.

Whether you’re looking for a job for after your studies, or a place on another course, early planning will give you the best chance of success. 

Many major employers start recruiting up to one year in advance. This means you may have to start making job applications just as you begin your postgraduate degree. For further study, too, early planning and applications are essential to give you the best chance of gaining admission and obtaining any available funding. 

Start your career planning from the beginning of your course.  

Semester 1

Build experience

Investigate opportunities for gaining experience to strengthen your CV, through part-time jobs, voluntary work, or involvement in societies and committees. 

Build experience 

Discover what's out there

Graduate jobs: Meet and engage with employers to find out about what opportunities they can offer you.  Check the vacancies on MyCareerHub regularly.  Many graduate training schemes have deadlines in Semester 1 so plan ahead. If you are an international student who wants to work in the UK ensure you keep informed about your visa options.

Meet and hear from employers 

Understand the recruitment process 

Find jobs for after graduation 

Vacancies in MyCareerHub  

If you're on a Student / Tier 4 visa

Explore jobs and sectors: Make time during semester to begin your research into the options available to you.  Our sector information pages are a great place to start.

Sector information

Thinking about a PhD

If you are considering undertaking a PhD after your Masters start your research early.  Some deadlines can be as early as December.

Moving on to a PhD

Make it happen

Start preparing how you will present your experience as a Masters student in your applications.  You don't need to wait until the end of your Masters to start talking about this qualification on your CV.

How to write a CV 

Semester 2

Discover what's out there

For lots of types of graduate job this is the time to start actively looking for opportunities.  For some sectors and types of employers it is much more common for them to advertise at this time of year.  Keep checking MyCareerHub and  use our sector information pages to research recruitment timelines in the sectors which interest you.  Think about using creative job-hunting techniques including networking and speculative applications to unearth jobs which are never advertised. 

Vacancies in MyCareerHub  

Sector information

Create your own opportunity  

Make it happen

If you have interviews coming up for jobs or further study take time to prepare and practise for them.

Prepare and practise for interviews