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Equality, diversity and inclusion

Our commitment to supporting equality, diversity and inclusion

At the Careers Service we’re committed to our vision: “To inspire and empower every University of Edinburgh student to be the best they can be, to fully develop their potential and to achieve satisfying and rewarding futures”.   

We know the labour market isn’t fair.  We know that black graduates are more likely to be unemployed and have lower career satisfaction. We know disabled graduates are less likely to be in full time employment. We know the gender pay gap exists immediately on graduation. We know that graduates from lower socio-economic backgrounds are underrepresented in post-graduate study and graduate level employment. We want to do something about this.     

We know that some students are disadvantaged because of their personal characteristics, and that it is up to all of us to work towards achieving the inclusive environment which, at university and in the workplace, will reduce this disadvantage and give everyone the opportunity to be the best they can be. 

We offer an impartial service which allows all students to make informed choices about their futures through having access to employer partners and professional networks offering legal opportunities. 

Intersectionality and privilege  

What does this mean for you?   


We want to support you by making sure that you hear about initiatives designed to tackle many of these issues.  We advertise many of these events and opportunities on MyCareerHub and social media with #EdEDI and #EdInclusiveCareers but if you would like us to also email you about them, you can now register for our Equality, Diversity & Inclusion newsletter.  We'll be sending monthly emails from late January until May 2022 initially.  Each newsletter will cover topics which may be of interest to students who identify as, or are allies of:

  • Black and Minority Ethnic students

  • LGBT+ students

  • Disabled students

  • Students from a lower socio-economic background

Plus updates on activities that address gender inequality in the workplace. 

Sign up for the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Newsletter has closed over the Summer whilst we evaluate the pilot.  

Events and workshops

We hold specialist events and workshops, and advertise those offered by external organisations, to promote diversity and inclusion in recruitment and in the workplace. These include EmployAbility Insight Days into different employers and sectors, and panel events about the importance of diversity.  You can search or follow #EdEDI and #EdInclusiveCareers on MyCareerHub and our socials to help you find these kind of events.

Events and workshops (MyCareerHub)

Online resources

We provide access to information and advice on e.g. finding LGBTQ-friendly employers,  Careers for ADHD Minds,  and being your true self at work and more, via a suite of e-learning resources. 

Culture and Diversity e-learning  (University of Edinburgh login required) 

Individual support 

We offer confidential, one-to-one appointments with professionally qualified careers consultants, all of whom have undergone training in unconscious bias, and are committed to impartiality and inclusivity.  These are bookable via MyCareerHub. 

Book an appointment  (MyCareerHub)

Support for employers

Many employers are working to meet their goals relating to social mobility and diversity in their workforce. We support them to target diverse students as part of their attraction and recruitment activities.  



Information and advice for our mature students

Disability and mental health

Information and advice for our students with a disability or mental health condition 


Information and advice for our students regarding gender.


Information and advice for our LGBT+ students

Race and ethnicity

Information and advice for our students, relating to race

Socio-economic factors

Information and advice for our Widening Participation students