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Useful resources

Useful resources to help you find out about different career areas and develop your sector specific knowledge, plus links to sources of news to help you stay up to date with business issues

Finding out about careers and developing sector knowledge

Careers Service resources

The occupations section of our website has links to websites and useful sources of information for a wide range of career areas including job profiles and industry insights, plus links to professional associations and bodies which provide information on industry trends:


Our Day in the Life series features diaries of graduates working in a range of different sectors to help you find out more about their working life and day to day tasks:

Day in the life series

Vault Career Insider has industry overviews and company information for top companies in a range of sectors including law, banking, accounting and consulting. You can access Vault through the Careers Service Resources channel in MyEd. You will need to register for free:

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Social media

Social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter can be a rich source of information about different employers and career areas. Find out more about using social media here:

Company/organisation websites

These will provide more specific information about the organisation and its products/services. Links to large employers can be found through MyCareerHub, Prospects or Target jobs:


Networking is an effective way to get information about careers and make potentially useful contacts for the future by speaking with people who are doing the job you’re interested in. Find out more and try our networking game here:

Getting experience

The most effective way to find out about a type of work is to try it yourself. Vacation placements and internships are popular, but formal placements do not exist for every type of work. You may need to be proactive in organising some kind of work experience yourself. Find out more about internships, vacation work and organising work experience yourself in the looking for work section of our website:

Looking for work

The EdGE Database pulls together lots of the opportunities that exist in the University in which you can gain experience and commercial awareness:

EdGE Database

Keeping up to date with business news

Useful websites

The TargetJobs website has a section covering different career sectors including news and updates on each sector:


The Graduate Prospects website also has information covering different job sectors to give you an overview of some of the different roles available and what it's like to work in the sector:


Scottish Enterprise provides industry sector overviews and business reports:

Scottish Enterprise

Scottish Development International has information on some sectors including aerospace, chemicals, contact centres, education, ICT and electronic technologies, energy, financial services, food & drink, life sciences, shared service centres, textiles and tourism:

Scottish Development International

The BBC provides business news and links to business programmes including the Money Programme and Working Lunch. You can also register for a fortnightly email business newsletter:


Other Business information sources

General economic and business reports can be found in newspapers such as the Financial Times and other broadsheets. You can also get a general business overview in publications such as “Scottish Business Insider" and "Graduate Market Trends" (from Graduate Prospects). The Careers Service keeps reference copies of these.