Careers Service

Planning your year

A suggested schedule of activities to help you explore your career options, make informed decisions and successfully move on from your postgraduate degree.

Taught postgraduate courses can be tightly timetabled and the time will pass very quickly, particularly if you are a full time student. Early career planning will give you the best chance of progressing successfully to work or further study. Our timetable for action will help you to make the most of your postgraduate experience.

If you are studying part time or by distance learning then you should adjust suggested timeframes to fit your mode of study.


When should you start?

Many employers start recruiting for graduate trainees up to one year before they expect them to start work. This means you may have to start making job applications just as you begin your postgraduate degree.

If you’d like to go on to further study immediately on completion of your postgraduate degree then again early planning and applications are essential to ensure you have the best chance of gaining entry to your course of choice and obtaining any available funding.

Start your career planning from the beginning of your course. Our timetable for action highlights Careers Service resources that will help you explore your options, develop your experience, make contacts and plan for your future: