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Case studies

Find out about the varied career paths of previous PhD graduates.

Annie Tindley

Annie - developing an academic career in history

Allan Jowsey

Allan - using his structural fire engineering expertise in commercial paint manufacturing

Amy Juhala

Amy - how a PhD in Scotttish History led to teaching English in a US state College

Bob Moran

Bob - from biomechanical engineering to regulation of CO2 emissions from vehicles

Chris Keith

Chris - how great PhD supervisors helped him to professor in a 4 year post-PhD

Concepcion Saenz-Cambra

Conchi - using Scottish history in museum work, consultancy and academic teaching

Conor McHugh

Conor - developing an academic career in philosophy

Craig Stewart

Craig - applying his PhD training to work in student representation

Dan Dediu

Dan - forging his career in linguistic research

David Meyer

David - adding a PhD to his experience after a long career as a computational linguist

David Roseburgh 

David - finding skills developed through physics highly valued in the financial world

Dong Wang

Dong - pure informatics research to a global software company

 Gareth Roberts

Gareth - using contacts to develop a career in language and communication research

Graeme Beale

Graeme - using his PhD skills as a social ressearcher with government

Hon Yau

Hon - journey from physics PhD through an e-commerce start-up to financial services

James Leeland

James - using his chemistry PhD in industry helping to lower harmful emissions in cars

James Robertson

James - from vaccination research to European patent attorney

James Wasmuth

James - how good applications were the key to leading his own research group (parasite genomics)

J Blair-Fish

John - using his PhD to support researchers in data analytics and computing

 Katie Stevenson

Katie - demonstrating how temporary contracts can successfully lead to an academic job

Liv Helene Willumsen

Liv - used her History PhD to progress an academic career

Louise Ker

Louise - from astronomy to higher education policy

Mukesh Patel

Mukesh - an entrepreneurial career in IT

Nathalie Mather-L'Huillier

Nathalie - using skills developed during her PhD in PhD student recruitment

Nick Cutler

Nick - persistence is the key to an academic position in geography

Norman Dalgleish

Norman - from climate change to financial planning

Oliver Stegen

Oliver - balancing a part-time PhD with linguistics consultancy in Africa

Philippa Ascough

Philippa - developing a research career in environmental science

Peter Watts

Peter - from astrophysics to innovating new products for financial services

Sarah Anderson

Sarah - using skills developed through English to support researchers

Sarah Solberg

Sarah - how the study of Dickens led to a career in the diplomatic service

Sean Adams

Sean - choosing a post-doctoral research position over a lectureship in divinity

Simon Tett

Simon T - the Met Office to a Chair in Geosciences

Siang-Nuan Leong

Siang-Nuan - lecturing in divinity in Singapore

Steve Roberts

Steve - applying geosciences knowledge in Antarctica

Teresa McNally

Teresa - academic research to the pharmaceutical industry

Yifan Li

Yifan - continuing to develop the research from his engineering PhD