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Workshops for researchers in Arts, Humanities and Social Science

Details of our career workshops for PhD students in the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Science

The Careers Service runs a range of career planning workshops for PhD researchers. Workshops are usually offered at least twice a year; you can find descriptions of each workshop below.

For dates of upcoming workshops and to book a place please search on the events section of MyCareerhub:

Career options and planning

What do I want from my career?  Getting started

This workshop will help you to identify what’s important to you in a career, such as skills you want to use, values to be satisfied, preferred work environment, and any other factors important to you.  This will help you in the future as you start to assess your interest in and suitability for different career areas.

What can you do with a PhD? Focus on non-academic careers  

Are you considering moving away from an academic research career? This session will help you to explore a range of non-academic careers, including careers linked to research, but outside an academic environment, and other common career areas researchers enter.  You will learn about different strategies for coming up with career ideas and the best ways to research careers.

PhD Horizons: a careers conference for PhD students

In this annual event (held in June) for all PhD students at the University of Edinburgh, over thirty engaging speakers, representing a wide range of post-doctoral careers, share advice and experiences of life beyond the PhD. The conference is dedicated to showcasing the breadth of career opportunities open to PhD graduates and inspiring you to think broadly about career opportunities both within and outside academia.

Understanding your work and communication style

If you are interested in understanding more about your preferred ways of interacting with others, taking in information, making decisions and working then this workshop is for you.  The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) framework is used to help you to understand your own preferences, and to give you an increased understanding of individual differences.  This can be useful to help you to improve working relationships, aid communication, and for team working.

Academic careers

Thinking about an academic career? Getting started

This workshop will help you to identify the experience and skills expected of early career academic staff in different job roles.  You will think about how you can build relevant academic experience throughout your PhD, and consider how you can improve your competitiveness for an academic career.

Applications and interviews

CVs and applications for non-academic jobs

Are you considering a career outside academia and want to understand how to market your PhD to employers?  If so then this this short online session is for you.  You will learn how to present your skills, experience and research effectively for careers outside academic research and teaching, to tailor your CV for different roles. 

CVs and applications for academic jobs

If you are considering an academic career then this session is for you.  It will focus on how to present your skills, experience and research effectively, in a personal statement or cover letter, and how to tailor your CV for different roles within academia. 

Academic interviews

This highly participative workshop covers what to expect at an academic job interview.  It will help you to gain an insight into typical academic job interview questions, and will give you the chance to practice your interview skills and receive feedback.

Non-academic interviews

If you are considering career options outside academia then this highly participative workshop will focus on what to expect at a non-academic job interview, how to prepare effectively, and give you the chance to practice your interview skills and receive feedback.