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Marketing yourself effectively

Information and advice for PhD students on marketing yourself effectively including academic and non academic CVs and performing well at interview

Writing a good CV

This section outlines key points to remember when preparing a CV and covering letter and highlights the different requirements for academic and non-academic CVs.

Quick Guide to academic CVs

Watch our Quick Guide to academic CVs which covers the basics of writing a good academic CV

Performing well at interviews

Whatever type of job you are interviewing for, it’s important to perform as well as possible. This section gives you some tips to help and also suggests how you can learn from your interview experience.

Non-academic interviews

Non-academic job interviews can take different formats. Competency interviews are the most commonly used but you may encounter other formats including strengths based, case study and technical interviews.

Academic Interviews

Most academic interviews will follow a similar format. This section outlines what to expect at academic interviews and how to prepare effectively.

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