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PhD Horizons Careers Conference 17th June 2019

The Careers Service hosts an annual one-day PhD Horizons Career Conference dedicated to showcasing the breadth of career opportunities outside academia which are open to PhD graduates of the University of Edinburgh.

This conference offers the following opportunities for PhD students, post-docs, and early career researchers:

  • Over twenty inspiring speakers from a wide range of occupations
  • Advice for making the most of your doctorate in today’s challenging recruitment market
  • Stands from the Careers Service, Institute for Academic Development, Development & Alumni and Employ.ed will be available during the day 
  • A networking session after the main conference to help you improve a vital skillset

It is open to all PhD students at the University of Edinburgh, as well as early career researchers and post-docs, and will usually be held in June each year.  The conference will inspire you to think broadly about career prospects beyond the PhD and give you access to the valuable experience of former PhD graduates pursuing careers both within and out with the academy.


Sign up for this year's conference here:

Why take part?

The PhD is an excellent and versatile preparation for a wide range of careers.  It nurtures the very skills that employers value… Furthermore, there is evidence that these benefits are not restricted to the individual with the PhD; employers have reported that doctoral graduates encourage, support and inspire those they work alongside to achieve more and better.  Doctoral graduates ask questions, bring new ideas and knowledge to a company and offer fresh perspectives on old problems. So, I hope that this careers conference will broaden your horizons, and help you to find a fulfilling career that makes the most of your special skills.

Professor Jeremy BradshawFormer Assistant Principal Researcher Development

PhD Horizons 2019

You can view the 2019 programme for the day and speaker biographies below. 

See recordings of the panel presentations from 2018's conference here (EASE login required):

PhD Horizons 2018*

PhD Horizons 2019**

*Please note that these recordings are not subtitled.  Instead, you can access detailed notes of the panel presentations below. Subtitling or alternative formats are available upon request.

*Please note that these recordings are not subtitled. Subtitling or alternative formats are available upon request.

You can view the conference panel notes below.