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What’s going on that may be of interest to you? Find out about specific careers workshops for PhD students and the annual PhD Horizons Careers Conference.

Careers events for PhD students

Workshops for researchers in Arts, Humanities and Social Science

Details of our career workshops for PhD students in the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Science

Workshops for researchers in Science & Engineering and Medicine & Vet Medicine

Details of our career workshops for PhD students in the Colleges of Science and Engineering and Medicine & Veterinary Medicine

PhD Horizons Careers Conference 17th June 2019

The Careers Service hosts an annual one-day PhD Horizons Career Conference dedicated to showcasing the breadth of career opportunities outside academia which are open to PhD graduates of the University of Edinburgh.

Careers events for all students

An extensive programme of career events is provided for all students, including PhD researchers. This includes opportunities to network with employers at events including careers fairs and festivals, sector specific recruitment events and employers’ recruitment presentations.

Full details of all events can be found on MyCareerHub: