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Typical employers and jobs

Edinburgh hosts a wide range of employers from private business, public sector, and voluntary/charitable organisations. MyCareerHub advertises jobs across all sectors and has strong links with individual households and the University.

Typical employers

Individual households

Individual householders provide many opportunities in childcare, tutoring, gardening or cleaning. Many of those who advertise on MyCareerHub have been in contact with us for a number of years or are university employees.

The University of Edinburgh

Various departments within the University advertise part-time jobs for students. For example, Information Services Group employs students in a variety of IT-based roles. Other regularly-advertised jobs include student ambassador and open day helper (advertised by Student Recruitment and Admissions). Edinburgh University Students’ Association advertises roles in hospitality, retail and bar work.

These and other student roles are advertised on MyCareerHub (use the On-Campus Employment filter in the Type of Work search box).

Information Services Group

Staffing agencies

Another option is to sign up with one of the many catering or event companies who look for staff on a casual basis. You work directly for the agency but will be sent out to work in various locations. Many of these agencies advertise on MyCareerHub.

Other vacancy sources

Recruitment agencies

There are many recruitment agencies in Edinburgh who recruit you to work for other companies. For further information visit the 'Recruitment agencies' page. You can also search the 'Employer' section of MyCareerHub to find a list of agencies within a specific sector.

Websites and other sources of vacancies

The government-run website, Jobcentre Plus, which supports job seekers, advertises local part-time jobs. Local employers often advertise their vacancies on Edinburgh Gumtree.

Many businesses simply advertise in their shop windows or on community boards in local supermarkets. Churches and community centres may advertise on their boards or in newsletters.

Staying safe

Wherever you find your vacancies, please keep your personal safety in mind and be aware that not all employers are legitimate. Read our guidance on staying safe and spotting scams.


Range of jobs

Edinburgh is a busy city with a thriving tourist industry and world famous Festivals. Other sectors which provide many opportunities are care, education, retail and hospitality.

Most-frequently advertised jobs

  • Administration assistant
  • Flyering and marketing assistant
  • Child care worker and social care worker
  • Waiter and bar person
  • Brand ambassador (for guidelines on this role, see the link on our employer-facing webpage)

Information for employers, including guidelines on the brand ambassador role

Highly-paid jobs

These jobs generally require a higher lever of skill, a qualification or experience.

  • Translator
  • Tutor
  • Life Guard

Unusual jobs

  • Santa
  • Film extras
  • Balloon crew
  • Jumper ooter

MyCareerHub advertises a wide variety of opportunities including shifts during the day, evening and weekends so you should find something to suit you. If you do not want to commit to a regular part-time job, ‘one off’ opportunities such as envelope stuffers, events staff and focus group participants, are also available.

Vacation work opportunities

You will find that many employers who offer you work in semester will want you to stay on throughout the vacations. Because of Edinburgh’s tourist industry however, there are also many seasonal opportunities which become available only during vacations.

These include work in children’s summer camps, hospitality work, tourism vacancies and opportunities in language schools.

MyCareerHub not only advertises vacation opportunities available in Edinburgh but also throughout the UK and abroad. We have many resources within our careers information centre about working in specific locations and seasonal opportunities.