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Part-time and vacation

In this section you'll find information on part time and vacation work including typical jobs, where to find vacancies, advice on combining part time work with your studies and your rights at work

Where to find jobs

When looking for a part-time job, make sure you not only check a range of vacancy sources frequently, but that you also take a proactive approach to finding work.

Typical employers and jobs

Edinburgh hosts a wide range of employers from private business, public sector, and voluntary/charitable organisations. You could find yourself working for a large organisation, an SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) or sole trader. MyCareerHub advertises jobs across all sectors and has strong links with individual households and the University.

Typical earnings and methods of payment

Information on what you could expect to earn for part time work across different employment sectors, the National Minimum Wage and information on methods of payment.

Recruitment agencies

In this section you'll find information on recruitment agencies including how to find and register with recruitment agencies. You can also access our latest listing of agencies in Edinburgh.

Combining work and study

The best rule is to only take on work which will not interfere with your academic commitments. On this page you will find guidance to help you combine work and study.

Edinburgh Award

The Careers Service runs a number of versions of the Edinburgh Award for students who do part time or vacation work. You can find out more using the link below:

Edinburgh Award