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Effective applications and interviews

This page has details of the support available to Employ.ed on Campus applicants.

Your CV and application form should show your enthusiasm and understanding of the internship you are applying for and your ability to meet its requirements. Follow our five step approach below to create an application form that helps you to stand out from the rest of the crowd:

1. Do your research

Research the responsibilities, skills and personal qualities needed for the role; the job specification advertised will act as a checklist. Put yourself in the shoes of the department’s host; your application form needs to show them what skills and personal attributes you can bring that set you apart from other applicants.

2. Map out your experiences

Note down your experiences, achievements and the lessons you’ve learned. Don’t limit yourself to education; use any work experience, outside interests, sport or voluntary work to demonstrate the breadth of your skills set, enthusiasm and energy.

3. Give yourself time

Make sure you give yourself time to complete the application form and update your CV. Be sure to allocate time to reflect on your experiences; matching this to the hiring manager’s needs, emphasising your strongest points and showing what a well-rounded, employable person you are. Most of the questions on the application form should only require a 200 word answer, so think about the most important information you want to get across to the hiring manager, using different examples where possible.

4. Use the STAR approach

Using the STAR approach to answer the evidence or competency-based questions in your application form gives a clear framework for constructing your answers:

Situation - background to your example.
Task - what did you have to do or resolve?
Action - what did you do to achieve the desired result?
Results (and what you learnt) - what was the outcome? what skills did you build?

5. Review your answers

  • Have you covered all the job requirements?
  • Have you answered the questions fully? Students who stand out during the application process are those who make the effort to reference the role, project and department.
  • Are you including your unique selling points without exaggerating your experience?
  • Have you remained within the word count?
  • Check and re-check the spelling and grammar.

Interview advice from previous host managers

  • Make sure you re-read the job specification thoroughly before your interview.
  • Make use of any work experience you have had, including voluntary.
  • Prepare for an interview by doing mock interview practice.
  • Always ask for feedback after an interview, even if you were unsuccessful as it is a great learning opportunity.

Need help with your application and interview?

Get help from the Careers Service with your application and interview preparation - take a look at the website for a guide of the full range of support we offer.

The Careers Service (at MLB and KB) have access to high quality, up-to-date information on internships and help with interviews and applications.

You can also arrange an appointment with a Careers Consultant to practice your interview or get support with your application.