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Employ.ed in an SME

Employ.ed in an SME offers exclusive 10 week internships within small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

The Careers Service is working with a number of small and medium sized organisations to offer exclusive internships to our students and recent graduates. All internships are paid and supported with match funding from Santander Universities.

The benefits

  • You can gain valuable experience by contributing to a business where your drive, skills and education can make a tangible impact.
  • You'll enjoy a varied role, lots of responsibility and often work alongside the founders of the company.
  • Getting that first break can often give you a foundation on which to develop your career. If your internship goes well and you prove your capabilities there may also be opportunity for you to gain longer-term employment with the SME.

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Santander interns

Summer internships 

Applications for most summer internships have now closed. However, we may advertise new internships or re-advertise some roles. Please check MyCareerHub by searching "Employ.ed in an SME".

How to apply

All opportunities are advertised on MyCareerHub. You will need to complete an application form with your CV and Cover Letter (some companies may ask for example of work). Please complete a separate application form for each job. 

Application and Interview support: 

Timeline for most internships: 
  • 8th Apr – 10th Apr: Careers Service collate applications and send to host organisations.  
  • 10th Apr – 6th May: SMEs shortlist, interview and appoint.
  • From 27th May: internships will start.

Each SME will arrange their own shortlisting and interviews and will be in touch with you about the outcome of your application. 


You are only eligible to apply if you are:

  • a current student 
  • a recent graduate (two years after graduation)
  • not a visiting student
  • you have not participated in Employ.ed in an SME this academic year (2018-19)

Additionally, if you are a current student there are restrictions on the amount of hours you can work a week during term time: 

  • Undergraduates and Masters students should work not more then 15 hours a week
  • Full time PhD students should work no more than 9 hours a week across the academic year

We will not forward on applications for internships that are more then the hours above during term time. So do not apply to the full time internships unless they are in a vacation period, or you are a graduate. 

It's been a fantastic experience, and a chance for me to test out a field of work I was interested in. And it's turned into an offer for permanent employment!

Employ.ed in an SME intern 

Case Study 

We met up with Fabianne to hear what she had been working on last summer:

Further information

Please contact the Internships and Work Experience Team for more information.