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Internships and work experience

What is work experience and how do you find it? Find out about Internships, creating your own opportunity and the University of Edinburgh Employ.ed Internship Programmes.

Get an internship

An internship is a period of structured work experience. Deadlines for internships with some of the major recruiters are early; however opportunities are advertised throughout the year.

Get experience

Work experience can really help you stand out from the crowd and give you the edge in future job applications. There are many different types of work experience; from work shadowing, to volunteering and structured internships.

Create your own opportunity

Can’t find what you are looking for and need to get some experience on your CV? Be resourceful and seek out employers who could offer you an opportunity.

Employ.ed internships

The Careers Service, in collaboration with a number of partners, offers different structured internship programmes for current students and recent graduates. Find the programme that fits you.


Edinburgh Award

The Careers Service runs a number of versions of the Edinburgh Award for students who participate in work experience. You can find out more using the link below

Edinburgh Award