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Vacation work

Information about doing vacation work in the UK and overseas including where to look for vacancies and eligibility criteria

Vacation work in the UK

The summer vacation provides a great opportunity for undergraduate students to gain valuable experience. Most employers in the UK expect graduates to have some work experience.

In the UK many recruiters offer paid structured internships. For large recruiters vacancies for vacation opportunities are advertised between September and December. Smaller companies may also offer work experience over summer and this is usually advertised a little later in the year usually from January onwards.

Am I eligible?

Most undergraduate international students are eligible to work full-time over summer.

If you are studying a postgraduate course and have a dissertation to complete over the summer months then you will still be classed as a full-time student during this time. Therefore if you are a Tier 4 visa holder you would not be able to work more than 20 hours per week and this would exclude you from the majority of internships.

Postgraduate students may be able to work full-time after finishing their course however and this could be a great opportunity to get some experience in the UK for up to six months.

See more information about eligibility on the website of the Student Immigration Service.

Working in the UK during studies (Student Immigration Service)

Internships on campus

The Careers Service runs Employ.ed on Campus, a programme which provides 2nd, 3rd and penultimate year students with opportunities to work at the University over the summer.

Vacation work overseas

You may want to experience life in another country, or return home for summer.

You can find more information about looking for work in other countries including sources of vacancies and country profiles in the 'International Experiences' section of our website: