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Part time work

Working part-time can be a great way to earn some extra money, develop your skills and meet new people; this can be especially helpful in developing your English language skills if you are not a native speaker.

When considering part-time work you should think carefully about whether you can fit it in without your academic studies suffering. It can be especially challenging for international students on a one year postgraduate course to find time to work part-time. Speak to your Personal Tutor or a Careers Consultant if you are concerned about whether a part-time job is for you.

The Careers Service advertises hundreds of part-time vacancies suitable for students on MyCareerHub. These include on-campus roles, and other jobs in Edinburgh which are within easy travelling distance of the University.

Am I eligible to work part-time?

Most international students who are studying in the UK for a year or more are eligible to work part-time, some students may have restrictions on how much work they can do, you should check your passport to see what your individual situation is.

The website of the Student Immigration Services offers clear and detailed advice on working during your studies. This includes information about:

  • the type of work Tier 4 visa holders are allowed to do, and not allowed to do
  • the number of hours Tier 4 visa holders can work

Working in the UK during studies (Student Immigration Service)

For individual advice on your right to work contact the Student Immigration Service.

In addition the University may have recommended limits for specific groups of students.  If you are a full time undergraduate student the University recommends you do not work more than 15 hours per week. Full time, on campus, postgraduate taught students may also work up to 15 hours per week; this will depend on your course - speak to your course leader if you are unsure. The University will not employ full-time postgraduate research students for more than an average of 9 hours per week across the academic year, and we recommend that postgraduate research students apply this limit to employment outside the University.

Guidance on part-time work for PhD students