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Working during your studies

Many students have a part-time job during semester and many more work during their summer vacations. UK employers expect that graduates will have some experience of working so it is important to think about how you might fit this experience into your time at the University of Edinburgh.

Part time work

Working part-time can be a great way to earn some extra money, develop your skills and meet new people; this can be especially helpful in developing your English language skills if you are not a native speaker.

Vacation work

Information about doing vacation work in the UK and overseas including where to look for vacancies and eligibility criteria

National insurance number

Everyone who works in the UK needs a National Insurance Number. If you are planning to work in the UK in any capacity then it is worth applying for your National Insurance Number as early as you can. Find out how to do this here:

National Insurance and Tax Guide 2019-20


Volunteering whilst you study can be a flexible way to gain work experience, meet new people and develop your English language skills. There are also no visa restrictions for international students wishing to undertake voluntary work.

Find out more about volunteering including finding voluntary opportunities in the UK and overseas on our volunteering webpages: