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Working in the UK after your studies

Information and advice for international students who wish to work in the UK after graduation

The UK graduate job market

Graduates from the University of Edinburgh are employed in every sector of industry and commerce. The UK graduate job market is made up of small, medium and large sized employers.

Visas and Immigration

Find out how to communicate with employers about your visa situation. For the most up to date information and for individual advice students should refer to Edinburgh Global. Careers Service staff are not qualified to advise on visas.

Working short-term in the UK

You are likely to have a few months between finishing your course and your visa expiry date during which you could work in the UK.

Looking for graduate work in the UK talk

This online version of our looking for graduate work in the UK talk gives you the opportunity to access one of our most popular talks at a time and place that's convenient to you.

National insurance

Every person, earning over £157 a week, working in the UK must pay National Insurance. If you are an international or EU student you will need to apply for one if you wish to work in the UK after you graduate. You can find out more about NI in the looking for work section of our website:

National Insurance

Explaining your qualifications

Employers may not understand qualifications gained in non-UK countries. Advice on how to  explain your qualifications is here: