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Whether you've already graduated or you’re still to graduate in 2020, we’re here to support you. You won’t stop after graduation; neither will our support.

Congratulations on what you’ve achieved! You have a prestigious degree from one of the world's top universities. During your time at University of Edinburgh you've developed a sound understanding of your subject and so much more.
Some students complete their degree with a clear idea and/or plan for what they want to do next and how to go about it. However, many more are unsure, which is why you can continue to use all of our services for two years after graduation.
In addition to the usual uncertainty graduates face we are also starting to come to terms with the impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having on the world's economy. It’s likely you’re feeling a mixture of worry and uncertainty, but possibly also interspersed with bursts of enthusiasm and drive.
Reliable predictions are not available to any of us right now, but we can bring you the latest updates and insights from employers to help you understand our new normal and the context in which you are planning your future.


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Graduating in 2020

Whatever stage you are at in planning for life after graduation, the Careers Service is here to help.

Already graduated?

If you’re a recent graduate then we are here to help.

Graduate Outcomes Survey

Be part of the picture and contribute to the UK’s biggest annual social survey - the Graduate Outcomes Survey.

Become professional

Becoming professional is an important part of the transition into your graduate career, regardless of what type of work or industry you work in. Developing these skills will likely have started while you were a student. Understanding and developing the behaviours below can make it make the transition into your post university career a lot easier.