Careers Service


Information and advice to support you in your early post-graduation career.

Understand yourself

How to identify and understand your strengths, skills and values, and factor them into your planning.

Discover what’s out there

Graduate jobs, information about different sectors, options with your degree and further study.

Build experience

Consider the broad range of opportunities available to you which can help to build experience including ideas for short-term experiences and continuing professional development (CPD).

Make it happen

Writing CVs, cover letters and applications, practising selection tests and preparing for interviews or assessment centres

Become professional

Develop the skills you need to move into the professional world and thrive.

Graduating in 2021

If you are graduating in 2021 then the Careers Service is here to support you with a tailored package of support just for you.

Graduate Outcomes Survey

Be part of the picture and contribute to the UK’s biggest annual social survey - the Graduate Outcomes Survey.