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Welcome to #ExperienceWorks. Read on to find out more about why #ExperienceWorks!

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All experience counts...

That’s our key message.

Think about the value of work experience, and start to plan what you'll do in the summer.

  • While formal internships can be great they’re not appropriate for everyone and they don’t even exist in some types of work.
  • We’ll look at the many other things you can be doing like summer jobs, volunteering and work shadowing  to develop your skills, outlook and networks, whether you’re in first year or final year.
  • You probably know you should get round to work experience at some point, but might not realise just how valuable it actually is. It doesn’t have to be a total headache to sort out! All experience counts, and this week is about helping you find the information you need to start planning and make the very most of your summer.

Experience counts even if it isn’t paid work...

  • We don’t advocate long spells of unpaid work experience but a few days work-shadowing can give insight into areas where paid opportunities are rare.
  • An important route in to many careers is volunteering and we’re joining with Students’ Association Volunteering to spread the word.

Make the most of your experience... getting it officially acknowledged.

  • We’ll share information about two ways of doing this: the Edinburgh Award for Work Experience, and SLICCs (Student-led, individually-created courses). 
  • These programmes also encourage you to think about what you are learning from your experience, and help you put this into words – and that’s a valuable skill to have.
  • We'll share tips on how to do that in our new short film.

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Need more support?

If you’d like to talk to us about building up your work experience you’ll find details of the different ways you can get in touch here:

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Why bother with work experience

Today the focus is on what you can gain from what experience, and why it matters. Check back later this week to find out more about how to source different kinds of work experience.

Finding summer jobs

The focus today is on finding summer jobs, including Festival jobs. Whatever kind of experience you're looking for this summer, we're here to help.

Formal Internships

Today’s information is about formal internships.

Volunteering & extracurricular activities

Today is all about volunteering. Thanks to the Students’ Association for their input on this.

Make your summer count!

Make your summer count! Discover how to get the most out of your experiences and also gain recognition for them via The Edinburgh Award and SLICCs.