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What can I do online?

From targeted emails to booking prime advertising space, find out what your options are to increase your online presence.

For the academic year 2021/22 we will mostly be offering you online opportunities to connect with our students and graduates. Whilst we hope that most of our students will be joining us in-person in Edinburgh this year, we expect restrictions on physical distancing to continue so we advise employers to put most effort into connecting with students and graduates virtually.

We have long offered a wide range of ways you can connect to our students and graduates online and we are happy to support you through accessing these, whether you’re a pro with online delivery or still feeling your way...

We always recommend making sure your organisation and any vacancies and events you want students to know about are listed on MyCareerHub as a first step.

List Your Organisation, Vacancies and Events on MyCareerHub 



Exhibit at a Careers Fair

Careers fairs continue to be one of the most popular ways for students to connect with potential employers and we can now offer virtual alternatives to help you connect with students.

View our virtual fair alternatives


Send a targeted email

We understand that employers who recruit for specific skills may want to target specific cohorts of students. We have a targeted emailing service which allows you to target specific groups of students.

Book a targeted email


Organise an online event

If you are holding an event for students at multiple universities and want our students to be able to find out about it, you can list it free of charge on our vacancy and events portal, MyCareerHub.

If you are planning an online event specifically for our students we can provide you with advice on how to do this and discuss suitable dates. Advertise your event on MyCareerHub by filling in our Event Publicity form.

If you are considering an event specifically for our students, please contact

Please see our Online Event Tips for guidance on planning your event, and making it appeal to our students.

Connect on Social

In addition to promoting your opportunities and events through the channels outlined above, we are also keen to share messages on our social media Channels.  The Careers Service has  Twitter, Facebook, and a blog. How can we promote your content on social media?

  • You can Request a Share.  If you are putting out great content on your own social media channels that you would like us to share, just email us a screenshot of  the post you would like us to highlight.  We can share 2 posts per employer, per semester.  Email your screenshot to the Employer Team. 
  • We will be picking a selection of online events to feature in our webinars of the week post on our social media channels.  As long as your event is being advertised on MyCareerHub 10 days in advance of it happening you will be eligible, but we can’t guarantee inclusion.
  • We pick a job of the day to promote on Twitter, and a job of the week on Facebook. These are always roles currently being advertised on MyCareerHub. If you have added a role to MyCareerHub you can nominate yourself for Twitter job of the day or Facebook job of the week but please note that as the number of roles we advertise hugely outweighs the days/weeks in the year, meaning we cannot guarantee inclusion.


Book Prime Advertising Space

Promote your opportunity or event to on average over 2,500 (data taken from 2019/20) students a week by being featured on the home page of our jobs portal, MyCareerHub. With just two slots available every week for employers it is a great opportunity to raise your profile.

Book Prime Advertising Space

Write a guest blog

Give students and graduates some insight into your sector or job role by writing a guest blog piece for our Inform.ed blog describing what it is really like. Get an alum from University of Edinburgh or recent graduate to help write it and give their take on top tips for their peers on getting into the role or industry. We look for 200-400 words and some of the questions you could consider covering are:

  • What is your background? (education/career journey)
  • What does your job look like on a day-to-day basis? What skills do you feel you use from your time at university in your current role (e.g. soft skills, experience from societies etc) and/or how has your degree helped you in your career path?
  • What would you say are the key priorities for your sector right now? What opportunities (roles and skills) do you have across your organisation?
  • What would be your top tips for students and graduates wanting to get a job in your sector?

For more information and to register your interest:

View our Inform.Ed blog


Ask your University of Edinburgh Alumni to engage on Platform One

Peer to peer interactions are always more powerful. Platform One is an online space where the University of Edinburgh community can connect and benefit from sharing knowledge, insight and experience. It’s where staff, students and alumni can share, interact and advise one another, and as a recruiter it can be useful for you to encourage any Edinburgh Alumni in the business to register on the platform. It gives students another way to interact with company reps on a more personal level. It can also be a good way to demonstrate your commitment to diversity and inclusivity by making sure University of Edinburgh alumni who self-identify in any groups important to your organisation are visible.

Go to Platform One 


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